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357 West Governor Road • Hershey, PA 17033  |  700 Spring Garden Drive • Middletown, PA 17057

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2017 Theme Weeks

Jannuary 9-13: Crazy Scarf or Tie Week

February 13-17: Valentine Apparel Week

March 13-17: St. Patty's Apparel Week

April 10-14: Sports Apparel Week

May 15-19: Crazy Hat Week

June 5-9: Hershey's Apparel Week

July 3-7: Patriotic Apparel Week

August 21-25: Hawaiian Apparel Week

September 25-29: College or Pro Football Apparel Week

October 23-27: Halloween Costume/Apparel Week

November 13-17 Crazy Socks/Slippers Week

December 18-22: Holiday Apparel Week



Korch Orthodontics First Movie Party and Food Drive was a SUCCESS! 

Our Team!

Being *SILLY*

Dr Korch and Her Family + a Friend

Patients, Friends and Siblings



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